Thursday, November 5, 2009

Shriners and SO much more...

Sophie had her evaluation at Shriners Hospital on Wednesday, and it was SO WORTH the 2 and 1/2 hour drive to get there! The day turned into SO much more than I expected...I just have to share.

To start, I have to rewind a bit. Sophie talks very freely about her life in China, which I am so happy about! A few days ago while I was putting her to bed, China was on her mind. As we talked, I asked her what she missed most about China and she said 'the China kids'. She's been missing her friends at New Day. She asks if she will ever see any of them again, I could only answer with the fact that I sure hope so. I remember my heart saying a prayer that God would fill the yearning for China Sophie was feeling in her heart.

A couple days before Sophie's appointment, I emailed a fellow ND mom, Carolyn who adopted 'Esther' from New Day back in 2007. Esther is now Christina. While waiting to bring Sophie home, Carolyn had shared with me the orthopedic issues Christina has, along with her enthusiasm over, and positive experiences with Shriners' care. As our appointment approached I decided to email Carolyn just to let her know that Sophie's first appointment was coming up, and on the OFF CHANCE that Christina was going to be there (yeah, right;-)...maybe we could meet...ya know, do what are the chances, right ???!! WELL, Carolyn emails me back and informs me that Christina DOES have an appt the very same morning as Sophie!!!!! What are the chances of that???

HE definitely provides.

We spent the morning there together with our girls, getting to know each other...talking face to face...and Sophie was able to connect with a fellow New Day child. Christina and Sophie are only 1 month apart in age, and although Christina was leaving with her family right around the time Sophie was arriving at New day...I could see in Sophie's face, that just knowing Christina spent time in the same place she did, God provided just what Sophie needed....a connection to New Day; to China, and in His orchestration, God gave us both a big hug!

If all that wasn't enough, as I was walking into the hospital that morning, I heard a voice call out to me from a car. My first though was, "who knows me here??" I turned to see who it was, and I was so surprised to see our good family friends, Dick and Lucille who were neighbors of my family as I grew up!! Dick is also the Shriner who sponsors Sophie!! Although you don't need a sponsor to go to Shriners, members still take great pride in sponsoring children:-). Turns out Dick and Lucille were up visiting their daughter who lives about 30 minutes from the hospital. As Sophie's sponsor they get updates and are notified of her appointment dates. They decided to surprise us, and of course they couldn't miss an opportunity to spend time with Miss Sophie. Love you Dick and Lucille!!!

As far as Shriner's Hospital...well, from the moment we walked through the door, it was apparent it is ALL about the kids there. Everyone was so warm, and while they are very efficient (we were seen right on time), we never felt rushed. Sophie was seen by the Chief of Orthopedics and I was totally impressed. Dr D. had a wonderful bedside manner and even more importantly, he was very experienced and knowledgeable in cases such as Sophie's. He did a thorough exam and explained our options. I left in peace; confident in knowing Sophie would be in excellent hands.

Prayers answered...thank you, Lord.

After her medical evaluation, Sophie and I moved on to orthotics where they replaced the old velcro on her brace with new PINK velcro. Woo hoo! A little thing...but Oh, if you could have seen the smile!! A cushion was added to an area inside the brace to minimize chaffing, and after an adjustment to her brace, Sophie now doesn't need a lift anymore on her other shoe!! All this free of charge. I can't tell you how happy Sophie is with the fact that we can go to a store, buy a pair of shoes, and she can just wear them. Needless to say she has a new pair of sneakers, shoes, and boots for the winter.

Miss Sophie is very proud of her brace...and hey, a girl can't have too many shoes, right?

As always, God is good!


Desiree' said...

God is amazing, isn't he!?! Glad things went well for you.

Kim said...

Oh Tami, yes God is so Good!! Just love Sophie's smile!

WilxFamily said...

Oh my goodness. I just love, love, LOVE how God is showing himself to Sophie. Only He can orchestrate those appointments for Christina and Sophie.

I just love how He reaches down and continues to touch these kid's lives and heal up their little fragile hearts.

TanyaLea said...

Oh Tami~ I was anxiously awaiting this post since receiving your email!...and it's even better than I imagined! God is SO good! He is a God of details and He cares SO deeply about Sophie and Christina...what a beautiful appointment that He orchestrated for you! And the added surprise of having Dick and Lucille surprise you, too!

Miss Sophie looks darling in her new shoes and I love the PINK velcro on her brace! Sounds like you have a great connection with the Shriners hospital, and I can't wait to see what her future holds! <><

Love You!!

Football & Fried Rice said...

ONLY God could have made Christina & Sophie's appointments on the SAME day!! What a miracle! I love to see Sophie smile - I LOVE her new pink velcro - see, He DOES love to delight us even in the smallest of things!!!!! And I am so thankful for that! So thank that your old neighbors decided to surprise you; what a gift!! I am glad that The Shriners was a good place too!

Football & Fried Rice said...

Oh, does Sophie remember Mya? I am sure they went to preschool together ;=)

AlyAbox said...

Thank you for sharing this wonderful story of His goodness and tender mercies. We are thrilled to know that your trip to Shriners was a success! Yippee Jesus! Love seeing that beautiful smile on Miss Sophie's sweet face.
We are mailing our dossier to our agency tomorrow! Woohoo! Looking forward to bringing our sweet Adahlyn home where she belongs!

I miss you my friend. Hope to talk to you soon!

Gwen said...

Wow! I love this story of God's faithfulness!
Sophie is so beautiful, and you're right-- a girl can never have too many shoes!! (hee hee)

Robyn said...

God has been so apparent Sophie's entire story! He is good all the time! It was great to talk to you the other night! We are still praying and searching!

Tell Sophie we LOVE her pink velcro and my girls have those very same shoes! She just may grow up to be a "shoe" girl!

Jenna said...

Oh, Tami.....has God not had his hand on your family and on Sophie through EVERY SMALL detail of this whole process or what??? It's just a reminder that while God does move mountains in big ways, He also loves us so much that He will take care of small details as well. And....what a GIFT for Sophie (and for you too) to see a "China friend".

So glad Shriners was a great experience, and any of us with girls understand how all-important the pink velcro was!!!! :)

You tell Miss Sophie that we are praying EVERY DAY that she'll have a "China friend" not too far down the road from her really soon!!! :)

Kathy said...

Sophie is just precious showing off her new brace and shoes ! I love her smile. It makes my heart so happy !
Her little pearls are so cute too.

Jodee Leader said...

What a fabulous day full of blessings! I have heard nothing but great things about shriners' hospitals! Bring on the new shoes for Sophie!

Jill said...

What a blessed day! Yay for Sophie and the new pink velcro! When I read that it brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for reminding me that it's the little things in life...

Andrea said...

LOVED this!
I love that you take the time to record all of the wonderful things God is doing to make the adjustment easier for Sophie.
Your neighbors as sponsors! Cool.
Amazing that the appt.s were on the same day..What are the odds?
Tell Sophie that Rachel has the same brown shoes! We love them.


Colin and Jill Canada said...

I got goosebumps, just reading all the amazing things that happened in your day. I'm so thrilled for your sweet Sophie that she got to see a little ND friend, she got PINK velcro, she got some loving from her sponsor friends and she gets to buy as many shoes as she wants without the extra hassle.

Gosh we have a great God.

...and I love seeing that sweet bubbly smile. It sure shines!

Jill xx

Amanda said...

Hi Tami!
My name is Katie and I worked at New Day this past summer (I just now stumbled across your blog from ND's website...). I got to help teach Sophie English almost everyday and I just want to tell you what a GREAT blessing she was to my life! My team prayed for you guys before you came to China and I still pray for her a lot. I'm so happy to read about how great she is doing with you guys!! Keep doing great things and know that my prayers are with you.

Carrie said...

Tami - I'm so thrilled to see little Sophie's smile! It is the little things that make a difference, right? Is that still the same brace she got here in China, just with adjustments? Looking at it now makes me remember just how challenging it was to get ANYTHING made for Sophie... the resources/expertise weren't here. I don't know if you knew this, but when we first arrived, one of Jacob's first assignments was to fashion a shoe for Sophie. He was handed tape, foam, and a few other tools and told to get creative. Though he's talented in many ways, he's not an orthopedic-device-creator. :) He did his best, but needless to say, we're just so very thankful to see Sophie getting the specialized care she needs now.

dan and rachel said...

wow, tami, that was SO COOL! thank you for sharing that story with us! what a blessing! i am praising God with you!

Gavin's Family said...

Tami, Sophie is such a cutie pie and those shoes she is so proud of---adorable!
What a wonderful day God layed out for you with friends by your side.
Have a good week ahead.;)

Girly Girl Mommy said...

Oh Tami!! How Great is our God!! I geared myself up for a super post, and it did just keep getting better and better!! I just love how He is in even the smallest details (like pink velcro!). Piper just found the bookmark she made with Sophie's picture on it when we sent the goody bags to the older ND girls and she asked about her and prayed for her. I can't wait to share your post with her later.

Vicki said...

Tami, so great to read your updates! You certainly have a wonderful spirit watching over you all. I'm so glad to hear your experience at Shriner's was wonderful too, sounds like an amazing place. Sophie's smile is so wonderful - enjoy every day!

Kami said...

I love the way that God hears the heart cries of His children and answers them. How amazing that He allowed Sophie to connect with another sweet girl from New Day! He gives us just what we need right when we need it and not a moment sooner or later!

I'm happy to hear that she's doing so well - she certainly is a doll! :)

Ruthie Spiero said...

Absolutely wonderful to see Sophie's beautiful smile and to read about your amazing day! Hugs, Ruthie

The Things We Carried said...

God's goodness always amazes me! WOW!

Tami, I am keeping a private blog for J now. If you want to follow here is my email

Football & Fried Rice said...


Sweetie - you DO realize it has been almost a month, right????

You DO realize some of us are really needing a fix of ALL the kids and hearing how life is going in New England??

You DO realize you are missed and loved, right??

Love you,